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Our Advantages

  • 1.
    Photo Retouching

    Photographs are often taken during unfavorable conditions like dim lighting or bad weather, requiring our image retouching services - portfolios, wedding photos, product photographs, food photographs, jewelry, etc..

  • 2.
    Adding / Removing Backgrounds

    We can remove or add backgrounds in digital photographs pronto! Tell us what you require and our expertise will meet your needs with a difference.

  • 3.
    Add/Remove Objects or People

    Even a perfect photograph may not serve the purpose it was intended for. In some cases you may require adding or removing people or objects from photos. Provide us the images and we will do the rest!

  • 4.
    e-Commerce Photos

    We create dynamic, realistic, and eye-popping representations of apparels to highlight lifestyle, fit and texture for online sales. Our expertise has successfully completed numerous complex assignments for some of the World's largest online retailers.

  • 5.
    Color Masking

    Available for all photographers who want something creative done with their work; we can uniquely highlight, focus and/or give special effects to your photographs.

  • 5.
    Photo Mixing

    Highly specialized service, you may have photographed a model in a studio, but wish to show them on the beach, or show something seemingly impossible. Our team dedicated to photo mixing can create unique, unforgettable images.

  • 5.
    Photo Stitching

    The art of photo stitching - merging photos together for panorama shots or precisely blending to form one natural looking composite image.

About Us - What We Do

Saskatoon Digital Photography..

A digital photography editing company that offers a full range of affordable services with high quality results.

The skills, expertise and experience to handle all your photo editing, pre-press and commercial needs. Saskatoon Digital Photography has a flexible process to meet any requirement.. big or small, one-time or contractual. We work around the clock in dedicated teams for clients who require outsourcing any photo editing jobs our way.

We perform professional photography editing services for publishers, photographers, catalogs, and any business who typically requires high quality, on demand digital photography image editing with efficiency.

Saskatoon Digital Photography understands the importance of your ideas and the fine level of detail required in implementation. With over 15 years of experience in servicing photographers to large online retailers, Saskatoon Digital Photography's editing possesses the skills, people and proprietary processes to deliver. You have found the one-stop shop to outsource all your photo editing requirements.

Industries We Serve

With millions of digital photography edits and creations under our belt over 15 years, here are industries we have served: Photographers - Product Catalog Companies - Stock Photo Companies - Publishers - Retailers - Auction Houses - Printers.

Saskatoon Digital Photography also can and has produced image feeds for client products in companies such as Amazon, Sears, Walmart, etc. We can host your e-Commerce product images on our servers to offer more efficient turn around and management at any level. As a company grows, the requirements of photo image editing thousands to possibly millions of images can be managed efficiently, with us!