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  • “When performing as a wedding photographer make sure you have a good understanding and the shots required to tell a story of that special day.”

    Paul Hamilton


If the wedding couple is banking on you to shoot their wedding for them, you need to make sure you photograph everyone and everything expected of you.

Make sure you have enough time with the Bride and Groom beforehand to draw up a list of guests and groups to be photographed. If you can as well, have the name of someone at the wedding who can be responsible for rounding up relatives for special photos.

When you are at the wedding, work your way through your list, so you are confident that you have everyone photographed.

Tricky Wedding Group Photos

Large wedding group photos aren't especially easy to manage. After gathering all the people you need together, you then have to make sure everyone is visible, smiling, looking at the camera and not blinking. We often use a photo burst mode to assist with large wedding group photos as it will be more likely to catch that "best" shot.

A wedding family member or ushers can often be relied upon to help find everyone that's supposed to be in each photograph, but it really is up to the wedding photograpger to arrange these, so don't be shy.

When taking these particular group photos, make sure key people are in the centre of the group around the bride and groom and of course, have the taller one's towards the back of large groups.

Having a stepladder and tall tripod will prove beneficial for these particular wedding photos. A high vantage point for shooting large groups can offer a more flattering final photo.

A great little trick to making sure all have their eyes open is to get them to close their eyes and open them on the count of three, when you take that great shot!

Once you are happy with the group wedding photos you have, be prepared to do a little post-capture labour. Knowing how to edit photos will be an asset that many wedding photographers now consider a requirement.

The details do matter in wedding photography and every asset you have to benefit that final presentation will be noticed.

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